Střední odborná škola průmyslová Edvarda Beneše a Střední odborné učiliště Břeclav

Břeclav Employment Office

Firstly, as a partner, the employment office will furnish information on its experiences with interviewing secondary school graduates and arranging employment for them. Secondly, it will also share its experiences with dealing with regional employers. The employment office will participate in preparing research questionnaires and provide contact information for regional employers. It will share in processing the results of research studies and assist in establishing the skills that are addressed within the framework of the project. One of the partner’s employees will be included on the implementation team and will thus be able to present the employment office’s experiences, requirements, and needs with regard to the merit of the secondary business school’s graduates on the employment market.   

Reasons for Joining the Project

One of the employment office’s primary activities consists of increasing the employability of disadvantaged groups, which also include recent secondary school graduates. We will use the abundant experiences that the partner’s consulting center has had with job applicants in combination with available statistical data.

Working with the Target Groups

The target groups of secondary school graduates is one of the disadvantaged groups to which employment offices devote an increased level of attention and with which they have had plentiful experience. The employment office is in constant contact with secondary school directors throughout the region. Together, they perform regular analyses with regard to the number of job applicants that come from the ranks of recent secondary school graduates and collaborate to find joint solutions.


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