Střední odborná škola průmyslová Edvarda Beneše a Střední odborné učiliště Břeclav

The Business Academy of Břeclav

As a partner, the Business Academy will assign a representative to the implementation team and will participate in preparing, implementing, and evaluating the project and processing the results. The school will also implement the project. It will share in the preparation, completion, and evaluation of all auxiliary events, e.g., seminars, conferences, discussion groups, e-learning, self-education centers, etc.

Reasons for Joining the Project

The Academy has already implemented one project funded by ESF resources and a second is currently underway. It is therefore to our benefit to take advantage of the school’s previous experiences, which will help avoid unnecessary errors and improve the overall effectiveness of this project. The partner school is in the immediate proximity of the grant applicant’s educational facility. Both schools are vocational in nature and this partnership is only logical, as it is a continuation of previous cooperation.

Working with the Target Groups

As our partner is also a vocational school, the target groups for both are the same. In addition, if we take into consideration the fact that the majority of the Academy’s students are female, it is an appropriate complement to the grant applicant’s school, where males are in the majority. This will contribute towards ensuring that the project results are balanced from the perspective of gender. As a result, they will have greater validity, be more flexible, and can be applied in a much broader scope.


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