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Moravian and Silesian Association of Teachers of English

As one of the project partners, the association will ensure that its members remain informed about the project, including events and activities that take place within the project framework. The association’s Newsletter will print information on the project (preparation, status reports, and results) and this information will also be available on the association’s web pages. A presentation of project results will also be included within the framework of the international conference organised by the association.

Reasons for Joining the Project


  • The association unites English instructors from a fairly sizeable territorial area (primarily Moravia and Silesia);
  • Thanks to its broad and diverse member base and many years of experience in teaching English, as well as a result of its participation at the international level (membership in the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language – IATEFL, and partnerships with various similar groups abroad), the association is capable of providing cooperation and assisting in problem resolution. Over the fifteen years of its existence, the association has also gathered abundant experience in organizing seminars and conferences and can thus share in events within the framework of the project;
  • Through its members, the association can participate in the creation and evaluation of systems – specifically methodologies pertaining to project topics (e.g., preparation of students for the new school leaving certificates; preparation for the EU-wide employment market, etc.);
  • The association can also distribute information on the products and its results to a number of different schools.

Working with the Target Groups

One of the project’s target groups is also this directly organized partner (English teachers). Through its members, it has direct influence on the remaining members of this specific target group within a fairly wide territorial scope.


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